8 thoughts on “And now for something completely different . . .

  1. funny and sad : ( Wish the family of God could see each other as family – same Father – and perhaps learn from each other and for sure love each other more!

    note aside: Hi Paul! Hi Curt! Miss you guys and I really miss Kelly, too!!

  2. I hate the division in the church too, Lori. I think that being able to laugh at our own idiosyncrasies and see ourselves as others do can actually help us to value the good things in each tradition and to reexamine what’s questionable—even in our own tradition. Mean-spirited attacks are never helpful, but humor can be a way gently helping us to see our own imbalances through the eyes of others. Hopefully, as we all grow and mature—and change where necessary—we’ll grow not only closer to God but to each other as well.

  3. OK, so if you had George Bush drinking the beer while wearing the Pontiff hat and holding the baby, who would be looking at him as what?? 😉
    (Hint: It’s a trick question.)

  4. Yeah, Brett, I think you’re onto something. . . I mean, I think you’re on something. 🙂

    (I should have know this would draw a smart aleck comment from you. But thanks for playing, bro!)

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