Hold that thought! (Temporary Technical Issues)

To all of my faithful readers, I appreciate you so much! You’re the reason why I do this. And I want to do it as effectively as possible. So I’ve decided to move my website to another host. For those who are curious about this sort of thing, I’ll be migrating this site from WordPress.com to Squarespace. You may have noticed some links that aren’t working, etc. This will all be fixed soon as I finish moving the site. In the meantime, this means a couple of things for you:

  • I’m temporarily turning off comments. I value your comments a great deal, and want to make sure none of them slip through the cracks. If anyone were to comment after I’ve copied over the posts, the new comments would be lost. So I’m turning off the ability to make comments for now (you can still read all the existing comments, of course), and I’ll enable them again when everything is switched over.

  • For those of you who have subscribed to Exploring the Faith by entering your email, you don’t have to do anything more. You’ll continue to receive an email whenever I post something new on the blog. For those of you who are (or were) WordPress users and who “followed” this blog, you’ll need to subscribe by entering your email address to continue being notified of future posts.

Thank you all for your patience! I’ll try to get the comments back on as soon as possible.