3 thoughts on “Core commitment 4: focused on making disciples

  1. This sounds an awful lot like the Church Without Walls the wonderful year I got to be part of it. I’ve never been part of a more praying church where people were friends and cared for each other, bringing food to each other, reaching out to the surfers with ice water and sandwiches and Gospels on the beach, and praying for each other’s healing and finances. The frequent Bible studies, some led by Curt and some by the people. When they would ask, “How are you,” they meant it. I pray they keep that spirit even if you are not there.

  2. Thanks, Paul. It was a real blessing to be part of the church life there and see what God was doing in and through the lives of the people. What a great group! The reports I hear are encouraging. We just need to keep praying for them.

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